The fees here at Kensington Hill Medical Centre are set at a reasonable rate and are reviewed from time to time. Bulk billing is available to persons in need. Payment may be made by either cash or by using the convenience of EFTPOS.

Kensington Hill Medical Centre are not responsible for expenses that may be incurred when visiting other health professionals, or if being referred for diagnostic procedures.

We encourage patients to ask when making an appointment if there will be an out of pocket expense.



Patient Health Information Policy


All information regarding individual patients cannot be disclosed in any form except for strictly authorised use within the patient care context at our practice or legally directed.
Health Records are kept where constant staff supervision is easily provided. Personal health information is kept out of view and is not accessible by the public.
All patient health information is considered private and confidential, and is not disclosed to family, friends, staff or others without the patient’s consent. This information includes medical, residential, employment and family information. Each staff member is educated on privacy laws and signs a confidentiality agreement on commencement of employment.

In Addition to Federal legalisation, our practice also complies with State legalisation.


If you have any concerns regarding the sharing of your health information within the practice, please discuss your concerns with your doctor.



Test Results

Your doctor will generally request that you make an appointment for discussion of the test results. Depending on the nature of the test the doctor may sometime suggest you can phone for the results. If you need to speak with the Doctor, and he or she is unable to take your call at the time, our friendly reception staff will take your details and get the doctor to return your call at the earliest opportunity.

Kensington Hill Medical Centre Privacy Policy                           


Austalian Privacy Principles at a Glance